Barrio lindo is the moniker of Agustin Rivaldo. Producer, Luthier and Co-Founder of Shika Shika Collective.

Since his first release Sistema Respiratorio EP in 2012, Barrio Lindo is a well know name in the Southamerican new wave.
Since then he released 4 eps and 2 albums via Shika Shika, Project Mooncircle, Bad Panda records. Alongside his solo career he collaborate permanently with El Búho with their project History of Colour.

Barrio Lindo work is an encounter between southamerican traditional music and downtempo electronics full of organic sound, traditional instruments and colorful soundscapes. Arpeggios, melodies and groovy drums fill this landscape across the Andes mountains and the afro tropical heritage of South America.

In the last 5 years Barrio Lindo presented his liveset alongside the globe in +30 countries around South America, North America, Japan & Europe

Featured Festivals-Events-Venues

  • Fusion Festival (DE)
  • Ozora Festival (HUN)
  • Festival Nomade (CHI) 
  • Voodoohop na Cachoeira (BRA)
  • Goulash Disko (CRO)
  • 3000 Grad (DE)
  • Nation of Gondwana (DE)
  • Melt Festival (DE)
  • Isla Festival (ARG)
  • Plötzlich am Meer (POL)
  • Manifesto (ITA)
  • FRAC (ITA)
  • Milhoes de Festa (POR)
  • Priceless (USA)
  • Lethargy (CH)
  • Kater Blau (DE)
  • Meow Wolf (USA)
  • Bonodo (JAP)
  • Octave (JAP)
  • Dommune (JAP)
  • Mensch Meier (DE)
  • VideoClub (COL)
  • Casa de Salud (CHI)
  • Niceto Club (ARG)
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (ARG)
  • Casa Daros (BRA)
  • Sonido Tropico (BRA)
  • Groove Nation (CAN)
  • La Ideal (ECU)